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Examples of where we have brought our expertise to bear:

Chill roll process optimisation

Working with a supplier to market-leading packaging manufacturers, we optimised process effectiveness through improving chill roll design, coating and fluid technology.


In collaboration with the world-leading research organisation Manchester GEIC, we developed a novel graphene impregnated copper coating which improved conductivity and heat transfer allowing for a thinner film coating.

Nuclear waste

In collaboration with government, we developed new copper-coated canisters for the long term storage of nuclear waste. We also provided consultancy on the establishment of in-country processes.

EV battery manufacture

We played an integral role in the establishment of the UK’s EV battery manufacturing capability, developing next-generation process rolls coated and machined to the finest of tolerances at high volume.

Metal sheet processing

Developing rollers to press sheet metal from a molten pour, alongside controlling process parameters to withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures.

Defence & aerospace

Working with defence contractors to provide world-beating surface-coating solutions with the highest-level of confidentiality and security.

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Whether you are a funded research organisation looking for an expert partner, or a private company need to gain a competitive commercial edge, BEP are here to help you achieve your goal. We work as consultants, research partners and process experts to help our partners transition their projects into reality.